The pros of RV living outweigh some of the cons. As long as you like doing it, and can sustain that kind of lifestyle.

Pros And Cons Of RV Living:

Have you ever dreamed of living in an RV? Having the chance to live in an RV is indeed exciting and, at the same time, can be daunting at some point. No matter where you see it, there are always pros and cons when you live in one. That’s why before deciding on this kind of set-up, you have to think twice and consider a lot of things.

Yes, you get to live and reconnect with nature and witness all the beautiful scenery right outside your window. There is always something fun and exciting thing to do. But you have to understand that there may be some obstacles that that would really stand in the way of enjoying that kind of set-up and freedom. That’s why in this article, you will know about the advantages and some disadvantages of RV living. This will help you to determine your needs

The Pros of RV Living

Living in an RV is indeed a dream come true. It’s everyone’s need to escape and experience the beauty of nature and the things you’ve never tried before. Below are the good reasons why living in an RV is best and highly recommended.

You Get More Time with Nature

Nothing beats living in the outside world. This is one of the best things about RV living, as nature can definitely improve your mood and make you feel so relaxed. That’s why many people love to live RV living, as they can go from place to place. It’s like an unending journey, and you get to see the beauty around every single day.

You can also do dry camping or boondocking, which will make you stay off the grid in exchange for some extraordinary places. There’s much that your city has to offer, and there’s no in-between.


When living in an RV, you only have to park on a small piece of land. It’s actually cheaper than an actual house. You don’t have to pay mortgages or rent; you only have to spend on fuel. You can also have a camper outright and settle in. Your living cost would be much cheaper than living in an actual house and is a fraction of what it used to be.


When you live in an RV, you always tend to change your destinations more often. This is one of the best things about RV living, as it’s always flexible and on the go. You may opt to stay in a location or just live off the grid. The traveling kind of life is often associated with retired folks or those who come with remote work.

There will never be rules to follow when you live a nomadic life, as you can set everything based on your rules and also your needs. You have your own agenda, and nobody can interfere with your plans and lists. You will have all the options toward reaching that goal and just experiencing an evolving lifestyle that fits your needs and interests.

Meeting New People

RV living gives you the chance to meet new people as you go from place to place. It’s so much easier to make friends and get acquainted with someone.

Living in a RV

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Cons of RV Living

Despite all the good things and pros about RV living, it inevitably comes with pros. It’s not always a fairytale and living the dream. Here are the challenging things or pros that you need to consider.

Very Limited Space

You have to prepare yourself that RV living comes with very limited space. Thus, living there in groups will never be ideal. Limited or small space means that you really have to think twice and decide what’s worth taking and what is not, for there will be no room for extra clutter, and there the showers would be tinier.

Maintenance and Repairs

You have to consider that time will come that your rig will need maintenance and repairs. As you travel, expect that it may cause the RV to deal with certainties of troubleshooting and fixings. That’s why being familiar with your RV and manual will be an advantage, so you can always find a solution to the problem.

Dealing with the Weather

Sometimes mother nature has plans for the weather, and there’s nothing we can do about it. You have to consider that staying up-to-date about the weather is one of the things you should never forget every single day when you go to RV living. You should always keep an eye for the week’s weather forecast to be prepared and to avoid accidents from happening.

Water and Electricity

Living in an RV means you have to take a shower quick and fast. You need to understand that it’s not that easy to get that hot water you want. The same goes for electricity, as there will be limited power connection when living in an RV. You need to adjust and try to go back to basics.

Shakes All the Time

Living in an RV means that you have to deal with constant shaking and bouncing. It’s like living in a home where you experience many earthquakes and break everything you have inside. I suggest you make a budget for the repairs as these are unavoidable when you hit the road.


When deciding to go for RV living, you need to know if you’re the right person for it. If you love the idea of experiencing new sights all the time, meeting new faces, or experiencing nature, then go for it. However, if you’re not sure about it yet, you can at least give it a try and see if RV living works for you.

More so, the pros of RV living outweigh some of the cons. As long as you like doing it, and can sustain that kind of lifestyle, so it’s definitely worth the try. There may be days that will make you feel like you’re not for it, but the experience is fun. I know you can get through the challenges that may come the way.